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"At a mile distant their thousand hooves were stuttering thunder, coming at a rate that frightened a man - they were an awe inspiring sight, galloping through the red haze - knee to knee and horse to horse - the dying sun glinting on bayonet points..." Trooper Ion Idriess

The Australian Light Horse Studies Centre aims to present an accurate history of early Australian military developments from 1899 to 1920.

WARNING: This site contains: names, information and images of deceased people; and, language which may be considered inappropriate today.

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New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "D" Squadron

The men listed in this photograph according to the number allotted to them in the photograph. If there is a photograph of the man in the New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent Photograph Album, it will be linked. Should you wish to return to the blog, click on the following link:

New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "D" Squadron


New South Wales Citizens Bushmans Contingent, "D" Squadron - the men:

1. 419 Corporal Duncan Campbell OSBORNE

2. 481 Trooper William John THOMSON

3. 478 Trooper Joseph RYAN

4. 505 Trooper Alfred Ernest ROWE

5. Trooper J SHEEHAN, did not embark

6. 444 Trooper Thomas Morris MCWILLIAMS

7. 428 Trooper John MACDONALD

8. 483 Trooper William John SUTHERLAND

9. 455 Trooper Robert P BLACK

10. 410 Trooper George Frederick COX

11. 415 Trooper Arthur DUCKETT

12. 476 Trooper Harold Athleston PERROTT

13. 422 Lance Corporal John SCOTT

14. 365 Trooper Charles RITCHIE

15. 472 Trooper Archibald Patrick MOONEY

16. Trooper James NORTON

17. 528 Trooper Charles Andrew GARDNER

18. 427 Trooper Thomas Neville GUNTER

19. 398 Trooper Benjamin Joseph QUIGLY

20. 395 Trooper Walter LONG

21. 399 Trooper Granville Thomas COOPER

22. 420 Trooper William BURKE

23. 46 Sergeant Walter MYERS

24. Trooper H CHAPPELL, did not embark

25. 387 Corporal Albert John BELL

26. 380 Lance Corporal Henry James Drepas MAIR

27. 457 Trooper Albert BEAUMONT

28. 424 Corporal Charles Richard Campbell LLOYD

29. 394 Trooper Robert Patrick Quinn BOYD

30. 372 Trooper Harold BLACKMAN

31. 376 Trooper William BAKER

32. 375 Trooper Robert WILSON

33. 369 Trooper Sydney Francis RHALL

34. 391 Trooper Thomas ALLISON

35. 413 Lance Corporal Alexander William MAIR

36. 379 Trooper John WATERS

37. 384 Trooper Samuel ROWLEY

38. 388 Trooper James WILKINSON

39. 347 Trooper Ernest CLEMENTS

40. 478 Trooper Joseph RYAN

41. 467 Trooper John KIRBY

42. 438 Trooper Donald MACKENZIE

43. Trooper A BROWN

44. 400 Trooper Bertie John THOMSON

45. 396 Trooper John Theodore BRETT

46. 432 Trooper Joseph TAYLOR

47. 364 Trooper Frank GALWEY

48. Unidentified

49. 377 Trooper Ewart Aaron AYSHFORD

50. 421 Trooper Reginald Venables JAMES

51. 385 Trooper Hugh Morton HOLT

52. Unidentified

53. 362 Trooper Ralph Seymour Arthur BILLSBOROUGH

54. 383 Trooper Francis Ernest JENSEN

55. 374 Trooper Richard Stanley VIGORS

56. 371 Trooper Arthur Francis SPRING

57. Trooper Archibald RAMAGE, did not embark

58. Trooper David Hugh SPRING

59. 410 Trooper George Frederick COX

60. 360 Trooper Reginald Montagu SMITH

61. Lieutenant Charles Scarvall CAPE

62. Captain Arthur Brander BAKER

63. Lieutenant John Ellesmere WESTGARTH

64. 530 Squadron Sergeant Major Henry PEARCE

65. 397 Sergeant Dennis Joseph BARRETT

66. 114 Sergeant Thomas HURLEY

67. 379 Sergeant Henry George F AIREY

68. 408 Trooper Frederick Charles RUSSELL

69. 404 Lance Corporal Samuel HEATH

70. 403 Trooper George Henry CHOWN

71. 406 Trooper Thomas Patrick MIDDLEMUS

72. 358 Trooper Thomas HARDY

73. 359 Trooper Duncan SINCLAIR

74. 425 Trooper Alfred James MCGOWAN

75. 433 Corporal William ATKINSON

76. 352 Trooper Frederick G BULLOCK

77. 356 Trooper Herbert Charles MONK

78. 414 Lance Corporal Charles ANDREWS

79. 368 Trooper William WATT

80. 367 Trooper Joseph HALL

81. 416 Trooper James Richard HOCKING

82. 357 Trooper Thomas Edward WOOTTEN

83. 363 Trooper Charles Lawrence STOKES

84. 452 Trooper George Thomas BAKER

85. 407 Trooper Roland John EGGLETON

86. 460 Trooper Thomas Francis GUNNING

87. 482 Trooper Ernest Robert SMALLHORN

88. 436 Trooper Gustave LIBBESSON

89. 393 Trooper Robert Edward STEVENSON

90. 361 Trooper Alexander MCLEOD

91. 370 Trooper Sydney Alfred MARTIN

92. Trooper Joseph MANSFIELD

93. 454 Trooper Joseph BENTLEY

94. 462 Trooper William Martin HUGHES

95. 387 Trooper George MANNS

96. 405 Trooper Angus NICHOLSON

97. 345 Trooper Victor Herman Herbert DUFFY

98. 431 Trooper Charles BUTLER

99. 409 Trooper James RUSH

100. 443 Trooper Patrick COLLINS

101. 373 Trooper Ernest HOWARTH

102. 348 Trooper Frederick MCSPADDEN













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