Gallipoli Album, May 1915
Gallipoli Album, May 1915
Welcome to the Gallipoli Album, May 1915.

As casualties lists from the Gallipoli Campaign became known in Australia from early May 1915, it became a practice to publish a photograph of individuals. These photographs were supplied by the families of the person on the casualty list. There were few photographs published in relation to the number of casualties listed. To give the extent of the human tragedy that unfolded, the photographs were extracted from the various newspapers and placed in this album. Each photograph is clearly identified to an individual and brief details are given as a short biography.

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Australian officers in Martyn's Lane
Australian officers in Martyn's Lane 

Outdoor portrait of a group of Australian officers in Martyn's Lane near Divisional Headquarters, Gallipoli. Identified from left to right are: Chaplain (Padre) Walter Ernest Dexter; Captain Roy Victor Cutler, 2nd Field Company Engineers; Lieutenant Thomas Hastie, 5th Battalion; Captain James Herbert Mirams, 2nd Field Company Engineers (died on 19 August 1916 of wounds received in France); and Lieutenant Colonel Cecil Henry Foott, Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General 1st Australian Division.


Walter Ernest DEXTER.

Roy Victor CUTLER.

Thomas HASTIE.

James Herbert MIRAMS.

Cecil Henry FOOTT.