Bert Schramm Diary
Bert Schramm Diary
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Bert Schramm

2823 Private Herbert Leslie SCHRAMM, a 22 year old Farmer from Whites River, South Australia. He enlisted on 17 February 1916; and at the conclusion of the war Returned to Australia, 10 July 1919.

During part of the course of his military service with the AIF, Bert Schramm kept a diary of his life. Bert was not a man of letters so this diary was produced with great effort on his behalf. Bert made a promise to his sweetheart, Lucy Solley, that he would do so after he received the blank pocket notebook wherein these entries are found. As a Brigade Scout since September 1918, he took a lead part in the September Offensive by the Allied forces in Palestine. Bert's diary entries are placed alongside those of the 9th Light Horse Regiment to which he belonged and to the 3rd Light Horse Brigade to which the 9th LHR was attached. On this basis we can follow Bert in the context of his formation.

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18 September to 22 September 1918
18 September to 22 September 1918 

Wednesday, September 18, 1918

Bert Schramm's Location - Ludd area

Bert Schramm's Diary - The brigade moved onto Selmieh near Jaffa tonight. The big offensive starts very soon and the infantry make the first attack.

Diaries of AIF Servicemen, Bert Schramm, 18 September 1918


Thursday, September 19, 1918

Bert Schramm's Location - J31

Bert Schramm's Diary - Terrific bombardment started at 4.30 this morning and the infantry gained all their objectives. All the mounted troops moved forward and are keeping them moving. We have been travelling all day and will probably travel all night. Fair numbers of prisoners and guns have been taken.

Diaries of AIF Servicemen, Bert Schramm, 19 September 1918


Friday, September 20, 1918

Bert Schramm's Location - Khirbit Shumrah

Bert Schramm's Diary - Travelled nearly all last night. Hundreds more prisoners taken. One objective now is a place called Jenin and we will probably get there some time tonight enemy main railway communications have already been cut in several places.

Diaries of AIF Servicemen, Bert Schramm, 20 September 1918


Saturday, September 21, 1918

Bert Schramm's Location - Jenin

Bert Schramm's Diary -We took a railway centre last evening called El Jenin and have the enemy properly on the run. He is badly demoralised. Our Brigade captured five thousand prisoners this afternoon. We are holding all roads leading from this town. Today at 3 pm our prisoners numbered something over seven thousand.

Diaries of AIF Servicemen, Bert Schramm, 21 September 1918


Sunday, September 22, 1918

Bert Schramm's Location - Jenin

Bert Schramm's Diary - We have been gathering up prisoners and even material all day around Jenin and we are moving on towards El Affule tonight. Affule is a big railway centre and was captured by the 4th Division yesterday.

Diaries of AIF Servicemen, Bert Schramm, 22 September 1918