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Emergency Rations
Emergency Rations 

Western Mail, Thursday 23 November 1933, page 2

Emergency Rations.

Every old Sakvi-Bona and Ikona will remember the old emergency ration, consisting of a tin of chocolate and a tin of soup extract, soldered together with a strip of tin, lid to lid, and not to be opened without orders, under pain of every penalty mentioned in section 40 of the Army Act.

I have heard of a man using his emergency ration, refilling the tins with sand, and soldering the strip on for inspection purposes, but I never saw it done.

The soup portion thickened a stew nicely, and the chocolate made a warm, comforting drink. Most of us used our E.R. in this way, and chanced the inevitable penalty.

On one occasion my squadron had an inspection of emergency rations, the captain passed down the rationless ranks.

"Where is your emergency ration?"

"Lost, sir!" "Lost, sir!" was the invariable answer, until he came to his batman, who stood with an E.R. at the "carry."

"Ha, Brown, I see that you've not lost your emergency ration."

"No sir,” was the reply, “but you've lost yours.”

J. Ryder, Lake Biddy.