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Western Mail, Thursday 9 March 1933, page 2


One dark night at Marakeb, after paying a visit to Major Nicholas, Colonel Tom Todd had the misfortune to fall into a hole of water on the way back to his camp. These kind of happenings usually, amuse the troops, and when leaving after paying a visit some days later someone called out, "Who fell in the hole of water?" The colonel was a big man with a big voice and a dominating appearance.

He immediately put spurs to his horse and almost rode on top of the group.

"Who said that?" he roared as he reined in his horse. "Come! Speak up! Stand out that man! Who was it?"

A slight looking youngster stood up. "I did, sir. Sorry!"

A burst of laughter from the colonel greeted his remark, and looking over their heads to where Major Nicholas had been roused out from his tent by the hubbub, he bawled:- "Good Lord, Nick! I never believed in transmigration of souls before, but I'm damned if you haven't got George Washington here!"

"Emma Gee," Duranillan.

Those in the story:

Colonel Todd = Major Thomas John TODD, a 41 year old Accountant from Subiaco, Western Australia. He enlisted on 2 October 1914; and subsequently Died of Disease, 23 January 1919.

Major Nicholas = Captain Clive Lanyon NICHOLAS, a 30 year old Orchardist from Balingup, Western Australia. He enlisted on 2 October 1914; and subsequently Returned to Australia, 13 September 1918.

Narrator Emma Gee = 531 Private Edward GEE, a 30 year old Teamster from Perth, Western Australia. He enlisted on 25 September 1914; and at the conclusion of the war Returned to Australia, 24 July 1919.