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51st Battalion War Diary
51st Battalion War Diary 

51st Battalion War Diary, AWM4: 23-68-30, August 1918, Appendix 4

4th August 1918

4.45 am

Company Commander's Report on Raid

Attack came at 3.00 am apparently in three lines of 20 - 30 men who followed quickly on barrage. No. 5 post first attacked then No. 4 and 3. No. 4 forced back on to village and occupied positions on either side of road. Party attacking No. 5 worked over road and bombed No. 5 post. LG of No. 6 post still in our hands. Positions of Nos. 4 and 5 promptly re-occupied by details under NCO's and H/Qrs in a state of defence. Patrols and scouts sent out for information. Boche was into No. 3 and 4 very quickly after his barrage which was very sharp and lasted on us about 10 minutes passing slowly back to Domart. Cannot tell extent of casualties, Lt Woods slightly wounded, Lt Fryer and self hit. Am sending half Bridger's Platoon to No. 6 post, remainder to 3 and 4. One prisoner (Boche) taken. Some of our must have been captured. Just reported by patrol, that Boche has withdrawn to the Elee Trench and is talking loudly.

I would make special mention of CSM Rosendell and 2/Lt Hay for prompt action on their own initiative in re-organizing details to re-man posts and CHQ and for patrolling promptly.

4.50 am

Boche prisoner states he is Polish, 373rd Regt. and which only came in last night.

Signed - M. Aurousseau, Captain, Officer Commanding, "A" Company.