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Australian Light Horse Studies Centre

1901 began the first century of Australian Federation. One enduring legend developed from the beginning of this new nation to take its place as an icon of Australian history, that is, the Australian Light Horse. Formed in 1903 from a long series of state traditions reaching back many decades, the Light Horse is closely identified with the values to which most Australians aspire and so strikes an formidable chord within the national narrative. With this movement came the various Australian themes of mateship, lending a hand, and specific symbols such as the Charge at Beersheba and the use of emu plumes in the felt hat. As time progressed, the Light Horsemen seem to have taken on a mythical quality that transcends the reality of their story. The Australian Light Horse Studies Centre was established to peel away these legends and present an accurate description about this era. Through careful scholarship this site aims to provide people who have an interest in this particular phase of Australian history an ability to meet with the historical Light Horsemen and so gain a clear version of the life lead by these men, their families and the society in which they lived during the formative period from 1899 to 1920. It is through accurate commentary that these folk gain their honour and well deserved place within the Australian Story.

The Australian Light Horse Studies Centre Blog has grown to such an extent that it is becoming difficult for the casual visitor to follow the detail posted on the site. To make the reading experience simpler, a complete outline of all posts on the blog has been listed below. The headers for each discrete part of the Light Horse story follows the thread headers in the blog. After the header is a brief description as to the information that may be found within that section. Following that are the various subject headings for that particular branch of knowledge. As the margin moves to the right, the information becomes less general and more specific to a particular aspect within that subject.

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