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Thursday, 25 December 2003
New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Contents
Topic: BW - NSW - NSWIB


New South Wales Imperial Bushmen






New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Outline

Nominal Roll

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Nominal Roll



The movement of the Imperial Bushmen to Bulawayo, 1900 

Mafeking Day Victory Parade, Bulawayo, 23 May 1900 

Bully Beef and Biscuits, the story of Jack Gunter



War Diary of the New South Wales Imperial Bushmen written by Major David Miller

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, War Diary

Elands River
Elands River



Roll of Honour

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Roll of Honour

Lest we forget

Posted by Project Leader at 12:01 AM EAST
Updated: Sunday, 13 June 2010 10:03 PM EADT
Tuesday, 23 December 2003
New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Nominal Roll
Topic: BW - NSW - NSWIB


New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

Nominal Roll

In 1911, Lieutenant-Colonel P. L. Murray, produced a marvellous Boer War reference detailing all the contingents sent from Australia to South Africa, giving a brief history of the formation and finally, listing all the soldiers who saw service in South Africa with that unit. The book was called, Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa. It is now the standard reference and starting place for any person interested in pursuing information about Australian involvement in the Boer War.

Murray, P. L., Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa, pp. 90 - 105A.


New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

480 Private Albert Barker ABBOTT

1225 Private Alexander McFarlane ABERLINE

653 Private William John ADAMS

474 Private Robert Edward ADRIAN

75 Private Joseph AGGETT

2 Private Robert AITKEN

288 Private Edwin Lawrence ALCOCK

660 Private William Grant ALEXANDER

332 Private Alexander Thorburn ANDERSON

796 Private Alfred ANDERSON

1397 Trumpeter C ANDERSON

1400 Sergeant Trumpeter Laurence Martin ANDERSON

333 Private David James ANDERTON

1405 Private Frank ANDREWS

77 Private Frederick Lorimer ANDREWS

115 Private Edward ANGLIM

114 Corporal Thomas ANNETTS

655 Private Harry ARGYLE

381 Private Sidney George ARMSTRONG

656 Private James ARNOLD

5 Private Wallace Wood ASH

478 Private George James ASHWIN

479 Private William ASHWIN

3 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Albert Henry ASHWORTH

432 Private Daniel ATKINS

900 Private James Henry BABINGTON

427 Private Frank BAKER

1366 Private William Salisbury BAKER

483 Private John Henry BALDWIN

1080 Private George Austin BALL

1392 Private Herbert Mugliston BALL

1163 Private Lucius Edward BALL

501 Private Alexander Herbert BARBER

Lieutenant Estevan BARBETA

484 Private John Munro BARGH

493 Private John Alexander BARNES

1378 Private Thomas Smith BARTLETT

667 Private Harold Hindmarsh BARTON

1232 Private Albert BAXTER

202 Private William BEACHAM

10 Private James BEATTY

494 Sergeant Frederick BECKHAUS

409 Private George Alfred BEGG

1162 Private Walter Scott BEIT

936 Private Arthur David BELL

672 Private Robert BELL

491 Private Arthur Joseph BELLAMY

490 Private Oswald BELLAMY

486 Corporal Henry Augustus BENNETT

6 Private George BENNS

663 Private John BENSON

117 Corporal Henry Alfred BEST

1210 Corporal Luke BICE

499 Private David BLACK

428 Sergeant Robert George BLACKETT

11 Sergeant George Robert BLACKWELL

986 Private Ernest BLISS

664 Private Harry Herbert BLUNDEN

492 Private Osbert William Francis BOARD

1337 Private Theodore Charles BODE

1178 Sergeant Elice Arthur BODY

502 Private Bernard Fitzwilliam BOHLE

14 Private George BOLAND

489 Private Robert Charles BOLGER

1422 Private Henry Richard BONDSFIELD

1260 Private Nicholas BORNHOLT

355 Private Lancelot George Vivian BOSANQUET

334 Private Desmond Gerald BOURKE

122 Private William Campbell BOWDEN

8 Private George Sydney BOWMAN

447 Private Michael John BOYD

147 Private Sidney Edward BRADFORD

418 Private Charles BRADLEY

345 Private Benjamin William BRIDGE

855 Private William Throsby BRIDGES

9 Private John BRILEY

1233 Private Frederick William BROOKS

1379 Private Harold Herbert BROOKS

119 Private Henry BROWN

1227 Private James Edward BROWN

1135 Private William Andrew BROWN

469 Private William Stewart BROWN

Captain Henry Hamilton BROWNE

809 Private Thomas Henry BRUNSDEN

204 Private David BUFFETT

205 Private John Edward BUFFETT

294 Private Harvey Stephen BURCHER

485 Private Thomas Augustine BURKE

142 Private Arthur Vernon BUTLER

1236 Private James BUTLER

Regimental Sergeant Major Walter BUTLER

1050 Private William BUTLER

946 Private Frederick Beaumont BYRNE

1300 Private Matthew BYRNE

1258 Private Alexander CAIN

1102 Private Michael Joseph CAIN

Hon.Captain Clement CAINE

Lieutenant Herbert CAINES

54 Private John CAIRNES

681 Corporal William Henry CAMBRIDGE

87 Private Donald Wilson CAMERON

397 Private Frederick Edward CAMERON

16 Company Quartermaster Sergeant Irvine Fleming CAMPBELL

410 Private James William CAMPBELL

165 Private Oliver James CAMPBELL

513 Private Albert Edward CAMPLING

17 Private Alfred CAPP

1365 Private James Joseph CAREY

105 Private George CARNEY

509 Private Michael CARROLL

674 Private Phillip Joseph CARROLL

128 Private George James CARTER

289 Private Walter John CAUNT

504 Private Ross CAYFORD

514 Private John Colin CHADWICK

123 Lance Corporal George CHALLIS

679 Private William CHAPMAN

507 Sergeant Tilden CHRISTIE

1360 Private William James CLANCY

127 Private Alexander CLARK

976 Private John Matthew CLARK

1349 Company Sergeant Major Walter CLARK

18 Corporal Frederick Henry CLARKE

1049 Trooper George William CLARKE

892 Private John CLARKE

1103 Private John James CLIFTON

358 Private Frederick CLYDE

1439 Private Lachlan COCHRANE

1321 Private William Roger CODY

505 Private Harold James COFFILL

125 Lance Corporal Henry Clark COGGINS

510 Private George Pulham COLENUTT

1301 Private Horace Arthur COLLESS

1237 Trooper James COLLINS

1065 Private Henry COMBEN

92 Private John CONLON

25 Private Francis CONNORS

511 Private John Riddle CONNORTON

116 Private Thomas James CONOLLY

893 Private Frederick COOK

512 Private William Frederick COOK

1292 Company Sergeant Major Charles COOKE

1371 Private William Arthur COOPER

997 Private William Thomas Meroyhung COOPER

15 Sergeant Frank CORTESE

Lieutenant Arthur Raymond COSGROVE

516 Private Edward Albert COULTER

20 Private Frederick COX

23 Private George Henry Frederick COX

335 Private William James COX

678 Corporal George Robert CRAWFORD

81 Private Thomas Wentworth CRESSY

1261 Private Charles Francis CRESWICK

124 Private Alfred Ernest CRIPPS

214 Private Edward CRITTENDEN

22 Private William CRONK

19 Private Harold CURETON

284 Corporal Thomas Shafton CURRY

216 Private Arthur John CURTIS

213 Private William Ernest CURTIS

336 Private Edward DAGGAR

29 Private Martin DALRYMPLE

220 Lance Sergeant William DALTON

695 Private John Joseph DALY

132 Private Edward DARNLEY

135 Corporal Robert George DAVIE

120 Trooper William George DAVIS

31 Private Henry DAVISON

1413 Private Henry DE BOOS

218 Private Charles Emanuel DE SMET

1357 Private Albert Joseph DEANE

437 Private Henry DENNY

26 Private David DERRILL

519 Trooper Thomas William DEWSON

527 Private Roderick DHU

690 Private Thomas William DIAMOND

525 Private Richard Thomas DIXIE

798 Company Quartermaster Sergeant James DIXON

1302 Private Henry George DODD

134 Corporal Herbert Henry DOLMAN

131 Private Eustace Octavius Herbert DONEY

1305 Private Joseph John DOPSON

28 Private Walter DORAN

689 Corporal Anstall Charles DOWLER

337 Private Ernest William DOWSE

Lieutenant Richard Dines DOYLE

217 Private Andrew DRANSFIELD

347 Private Donald DRUMMOND

1421 Private Michael Bernard DUFFY

520 Private James DUGAN

1347 Company Sergeant Major Charles Edward DUKE

93 Private Leslie Eugene DUMONT

521 Private Joseph Windsor DUNN

27 Private William Joseph DUNN

1395 Private Francis Ernest DUNNETT

529 Private William DUNSMORE

1409 Private William EARL

433 Private Robert EATHER

36 Private Frederick John EDMUNDS

361 Private George EDMUNDS

702 Private Arthur Robert EDWARDS

949 Private Arthur EGAN

532 Private John Robert EGGLETON

420 Private Charles Henry EISENMANGER

35 Private Robert ELLETSON

360 Private Curtis Dyce ELLIOTT

534 Private George Alexander ELLIOTT

944 Private John Robins ELLIOTT

1416 Private Rowland ELLIOTT

295 Private William Walter ELLIOTT

1246 Private James Thomas EMERY

33 Private Anderw William EPPLE

310 Private Ralph EVANS

1385 Trooper Albert EZZY

1192 Private James Joseph FAHEY

1194 Private Joseph FAHEY

143 Trooper W FARREL

39 Private Walter FARRELL

867 Private Thomas Liddle FAWCETT

1376 Private Edward FENTON

154 Private Leonard Tordiffe FERGUSON

1705 Trooper William Newton FEWKES

37 Lance Sergeant John Thomas FIELDS

40 Private Thomas FILBY

1297 Private James FISHER

853 Private Percy FITZPATRICK

223 Corporal John FLEETWOOD

38 Private George FLETCHER

136 Sergeant Laidley Shepherd FLETCHER

1406 Trumpeter Sergeant William FOLEY

1216 Private Arthur Samuel FORD

137 Private David FORRESTER

39 Private Francis Joseph FORSTER

868 Private Sydney Joseph FORSYTH

1393 Private Francis Arthur FORTESCUE

39 Trooper FG FOSTER

709 Private William Macquarie FOSTER

1358 Private James FOTHERINGHAME

328 Private Ernest FOULKES

1363 Private Alexander Henry FOX

706 Private Francis FREITAS

926 Private Matthew FRENCH

452 Lance Corporal Samuel George FUBBS

1437 Private Frederick Waldron FULLER

1411 Private William FULLER

1381 Private William Germain FYFE

539 Private Frank Joseph GALL

448 Private Thomas Alexander GAMMIDGE

43 Lance Corporal Frederick James GARDINER

436 Private George GARLAND

1264 Private John GARVIE

710 Lance Corporal Frederick Meade GIBBS

Second Lieutenant Clarence Hyne GIBSON

543 Private Frederick GIBSON

1402 Private John Cooper GIBSON

537 Private Robert Samuel GIDDINS

1021 Private Robert Samuel GIDDINS

45 Private Charles GILES

438 Private Alfred Stawell GILLESPIE

714 Shoeing Smith Wallace Thomas GILLIES

140 Private Hugh Rusden GILMAN

387 Sergeant Charles E GJEDSTED

1377 Private James John GLAZIER

431 Private Alfred John GLENN

459 Private William E GODDEN

44 Sergeant William James GODSON

1230 Private Henry GOLDBY

316 Private Henry GOLDRING

144 Private Sydney GOODFELLOW

145 Private Charles Thomas GORDON

345 Lance Corporal Albert Clarence Montrose GOULD

139 Private Alfred Adolphus GRAHAM

226 Private Frederick Charles GRAY

1415 Private Alfred GREEN

546 Private James William GREEN

544 Private Thomas Clarence GREENWAY

715 Private Robert GREGGERY

Lieutenant Francis Ernest GREIG

542 Private John GRIMSHAW

296 Private George Washington GUNSTON

363 Private John Cornelius GUNTER

545 Trooper John William GUTHRIE

1066 Private George GUTTERSON

140 Sergeant Thomas Lloyd GUY

392 Private Edward Albert HADFIELD

555 Private William Henry HAMILTON

473 Private Hugh Hunter HANDCOCK

Lieutenant Charles HANLEY

720 Private Alan Scott HARDEN

992 Private Charles Robert HARDING

53 Private Henry Cullum HARDY

146 Private William Edward HARRIS

800 Private Charles Edward HART

723 Private James Patrick HASSETT

262 Private Thomas HASSON

1280 Private William HAVERS

930 Private Edward Charles HAYNES

50 Private William Sydney HAZLEWOOD

46 Private Sidney HEALEY

1395 Quartermaster Sergeant Geofrey Helbert HELBERT

52 Private Frederick Henry HELMKAMP

51 Private Reginald HEMMIE

234 Private William HENSON

298 Private Arthur HENWOOD

231 Corporal Gustavus Adolphus HERFORT

1242 Private Henry HICKEY

559 Private Archibald Usher HILL

1007 Private Frederick Dorset HILL

48 Private Walter Herbert HILLBRICK

994 Private William Thomas HOAD

47 Private John Abraham HOCKINGS

1247 Private Henry HODGES

1085 Private John Thomas HOFFMAN

1279 Private John HOGAN

935 Private Simon HOLLAND

921 Private William HOLLAND

Captain Arthur HOLMES

55 Lance Corporal Aubrey Harenutt HOLMES

1432 Private Iredell Decourt HOLMES

1434 Private Robert Arthur HOLMES

233 Private Claude Henry HOOWORTH

360 Private Harold HOPKINS

1311 Private John William HORNE

148 Private William HORNER

425 Lance Corporal Charles Joseph HORSLEY

366 Private George Edwin HUCKSTEPP

49 Private Albert HUDSON

845 Private Thomas Alfred HUGGINS

76 Private Ernest HULL

121 Private Thomas Francis HUMPHREYS

1138 Private William Frederick HUMPHRIES

547 Sergeant Thomas HUNGERFORD

450 Corporal Robert George Edgworth HUTCHINSON

229 Private Allan Stockham HUTHWAITE

470 Sergeant James Archibald HYNDMAN

556 Private Peter HYNES

Lieutenant George Richard IRVING

914 Private Peter Donald IVERACH

163 Private Harry Vernon JACKSON

157 Private Henry David JAMES

329 Private Thomas JAMIESON

57 Private Charles Alfred JAY

1314 Private Arthur Lionel JEFFREYS

731 Private William Thomas JENNER

299 Private Horace Hocking JENNINGS

257 Private James William JENNINGS

442 Private Australian Peter JENSEN

561 Private Arthur William JESSUP

1355 Private Alfred Henry JOBSON

1078 Private Albert John Stephen JOHNSON

248 Private Sydney Arthur JOHNSON

56 Private Benjamin JONES

496 Private Emil Henry JONES

149 Private Sydney Edward JONES

Lieutenant Francis William KANE

150 Private William Brooks KELK

151 Sergeant George Edward Ecclestack KELLY

1408 Private Michael Joseph KELLY

980 Private Patrick Richard KELLY

440 Sergeant Robert KELLY

738 Private Harry McLean KELTON

156 Private Donald Cameron KENNEDY

153 Private Charles KERR

1235 Private Robert William KILGOUR

239 Private Alexander KING

Second Lieutenant Allan Essington Gidley KING

238 Private Frederick William KING

240 Sergeant Herbert KING

804 Private Samuel KING

241 Lance Sergeant Thomas KING

1053 Private Walter Stephen KING

993 Private Hubert Cowley KINRED

562 Private James Hunter KIRKWOOD

814 Private John LAING

1017 Private Frank Herbert LAMBERT

916 Private Albert Victor LANES

795 Corporal Arthur Frederick LANES

1346 Private Henry Vincent LARKIN

158 Lance Sergeant William Arthur LASSETTER

382 Private Edwin James LAWRENCE

Lieutenant George Langrigg Leathes LAWSON

Captain Haviland LE MESURIER

63 Private James Freeland LEACOCK

Second Lieutenant Maxwell Christian Livingstone LEARMOUTH

564 Private William John LEATHERDAY

388 Corporal Albert Edward LEE

917 Private James Edward LEEKE

1440 Private Charles Ernest LEGGE

161 Lance Corporal Robert LEISHMAN

978 Private David Blake LEONARD

568 Private Thomas LEWIS

918 Private Arthur LINDSAY

1441 Private Colin Hunter LINDSAY

1370 Private Stanley LIPSCOMBE

1101 Private George LITTLEWOOD

62 Lance Corporal Norman Montgomery LLOYD

367 Private John LOGAN

159 Private John Stuart LOGAN

1369 Private Austin Southwell LORD

1354 Private Alfred Edward LOVIE

245 Private Bertie LOWING

246 Corporal Walter Harold LOWING

160 Private Frederick William LUCKIE

802 Private Edward LUTHER

805 Private George LYFORD

65 Sergeant Hugh MACDONALD

415 Private John MACDONALD

1248 Private Ormond Butler MACDOUGALL

1341 Sergeant Neil Archibald MACGREGOR

Colonel James Alexander Kenneth MACKAY

1383 Private Andrew Ross MACKELLAR

Lieutenant Keith Douglas MACKENZIE

Second Lieutenant Stuart Leopold MACKENZIE

Second Lieutenant Allan Lloyd MACLEAN

Second Lieutenant Clarence Montrose MACPHERSON

255 Sergeant Bryan Thomas Smith MAIN

1316 Private Andrew MALONE

71 Lance Corporal Horatio Stanley S MANSFIELD

746 Private John Alexander MANSON

569 Private George MARCHANT

934 Corporal Robert Paton MARSHALL

818 Private Cecil Charles MARTIN

66 Private Sydney MATHER

745 Corporal Frank MATHESON

1361 Private William MATHEWS

369 Private William James MATTHEWS

579 Private Reuben MCCANN

471 Private Alfred Stephen MCCARTHY

168 Private Frederick John MCCARTHY

578 Private John Hamilton MCCARTHY

400 Private William MCCARTHY

260 Private George MCCLYMONT

170 Private James MCCOLGAN

166 Private James MCCORMACK

249 Private Thomas James MCCREA

461 Private John MCELROY

583 Lance Corporal George MCFARLAND

69 Private John Arthur MCGRANE

811 Private Thomas MCGRATH

67 Private Frederick MCGUIRE

1406 Private John Alexander MCKENNA

64 Lance Corporal William John MCKENNY

61 Private Hugh Bailey MCKENZIE

417 Lance Sergeant George Henry MCKEON

582 Private Edward MCKINLAY

1445 Private W MCMAHON

164 Private William Francis MCMAHON

251 Private William Edward MCMILLAN

874 Lance Corporal Michael Joseph MCNAMARA

1353 Private William MCNAMARA

74 Private George MEAKER

317 Private Joseph Patrick MEANEY

391 Private James MEDCALF

1053 Company Sergeant Major Reginald William James MESSENGER

Second Lieutenant Henry Carhayes MICHELL

263 Private Francis MICKELSON

261 Private James MIGGINS

747 Private James MILGATE

Major David MILLER

Lieutenant David Frederick MILLER

113 Corporal Joseph Thomas MILNER

1356 Private George Finlay MILWAIN

68 Private Thomas Dewar MITCHELL

752 Private Thomas Moore MITCHELL

942 Private John MOCLAIR

443 Private Christopher Bernard MOHR

458 Private Frederick William MOHR

75 Private George Arthur MONTGOMERY

572 Private Caleb Thomas MOORE

435 Private Frank Ernest MOON aka Frank Ernest MOORE

250 Private George William MOORE

380 Trooper J MOORE

576 Private John MOORE

1380 Private Thomas Sydney MOORE

1374 Private Arthur MORAN

1104 Private Thomas John MORETON

258 Private Alfred MORGAN

456 Corporal John Stanton MORGAN

1190 Private Llewellyn MORGAN

259 Private Arthur MORRIS

939 Private Edward James MORRIS

1214 Private James William MORRIS

129 Private David Francis MORTIMER

73 Private Edmund MORTIMER

1427 Private JM MORTON

580 Private Albert Edward MOULD

254 Private Patrick Joseph MOY

429 Sergeant Alexander Henry MOYES

Lieutenant Albert Christian MUHS

1299 Private John MULLINS

575 Private William F MUNN

252 Private James MUNRO

1354 Private Thomas Arthur MUNSON

167 Private William Henderson MURDOCH

464 Private Charles Peter MURPHY

1348 Company Sergeant Major Charles Thomas MURPHY

947 Lance Corporal Patrick Richard MURPHY

413 Private William MURPHY

943 Private Denis Joseph MURRAY

72 Private John Rowan MURRAY

Lieutenant Graham Ernest MYLNE

882 Private Bernard John NAUGHTON

1308 Private Gordon Hubert NEAL

1399 Sergeant Cook James NEILD

813 Private Archibald Granville NELMES

881 Private William Henry NELMES

126 Private Thomas Absolom NELSON

587 Private George NEW

588 Private Edward Cecil NEWELL

884 Private Robert George NEWLANDS

1344 Private George Charles NEWPORT

1418 Private Francis Edward NICHOLLS

1419 Private John Lane NICHOLLS

456 Private Thomas Joseph NOLAN

812 Private James NORMAN

1344 Corporal Samuel Edward NORRIS

1254 Private Edward NORTON

173 Private William O'BRIEN

589 Private William O'BRIEN

Captain William Edward O'BRIEN

371 Private Thomas O'CONNOR

451 Private Hubert George OGDEN

758 Private Patrick O'GRADY

822 Private Charles O'MALLEY

757 Private Leonard OSBORN


267 Sergeant William Andrew O'SHEA

468 Private Ernest D OSWALD

590 Private James Benjamin OWEN

463 Private Leslie OWENS

Lieutenant John Evelyn OXLEY

421 Private George PAINE

423 Private James Robert PALMER

592 Private Leslie Robert PARISH

403 Private William Benjamin Henry PARTRIDGE

1123 Sergeant George PAUL

269 Corporal Robert PAYNE

272 Private Edward John PERRY

764 Private Wilfred Henry PERRY

598 Private Richard PESTELL

1412 Private Ernest Francis James PETERS

270 Private John PHILLIPSON

841 Private Stanley Hope PIERCE

594 Private Hercules John PIESLEY

1444 Trooper SJ POLEGLASE

593 Private Robert POLLOCK

1286 Private Frederick Plunkett POOLE

1436 Private Alexander Allman POWELL

801 Private Edward Charles POWELL

80 Private Henry Patrick PRENDERGAST

1197 Private Ernest Richard PRICE

441 Lance Corporal Charles Turton PRIESTLEY

78 Private Huntley George PRINGLE

1348 Private Thomas Alexander PRINGLE

303 Private Alfred PUXTY

1430 Private Alfred Thomas PYNSENT

175 Lance Corporal Fletcher Evelyn QUINTAL

Second Lieutenant Arthur Pigon RAINEY

1212 Lance Corporal Ernest Boscawen RANCLAUD

85 Lance Corporal Thomas Walter RANSLEY

605 Private Alfred Henry RATCLIFFE

602 Lance Corporal Edward Southwell Gowrie RATHVEN

940 Private James RAWCLIFFE

372 Private James RAWLINGS

176 Corporal Robert RAYMENT

1041 Private Samuel Stevenson READ

601 Private Michael Joseph RENEHAN

Hon.Captain Joseph Auburn REYNOLDS

1373 Private Henry RHODENBACK

177 Private Edward RHODERICK

1294 Private Charles Frederick RICHARDSON

1420 Private Walter Claude Charles RICHARDSON

606 Private William James Reid RICHARDSON

88 Private William RIDDELL

1074 Private George RITCHIE

331 Private Clarence Victor ROBERTS

86 Private Francis ROBERTS

Corporal Victor ROBERTS

765 Private Ward Francis Egbert ROBERTS

83 Private James Robert ROBERTSON

1352 Company Sergeant Major George Mansfield ROBINSON

Second Lieutenant Harry Fletcher ROBINSON

977 Private Hercules Elliott ROBINSON

1372 Private James ROBINSON

446 Private Walter Edward ROBINSON

42 Private Matthew William C ROBSON

305 Private Sydney Samuel ROLFE

1018 Private Walter Arthur ROOTS

1126 Lance Corporal Frank ROSE

339 Private Hamilton Francis ROSE

374 Private George ROSS

1317 Private William Patterson ROSS

84 Lance Corporal Alexander ROSTRON

1388 Private Benjamin ROY

1382 Private Lindsay Ernest RUDDER

988 Private Harry RUDDLE

Lieutenant Charles Mark Clement RUDKIN

179 Private Thomas RUSHTON

1028 Lance Sergeant Christopher Stuart RUSSELL

603 Lance Sergeant Charles Kenneth Gowrie RUTHVEN

178 Private Edward RYAN

1141 Private James RYAN

462 Private John RYAN

82 Private Patrick John Stanislaus RYAN

957 Private Thomas William RYAN

1181 Private Cecil James RYRIE

Captain Granville De Laure RYRIE

Second Lieutenant Vincent Wallace RYRIE

439 Private Edward Frederick SALE

373 Private James SANDS

275 Private Thomas SARGENT

1435 Private Ernest Valdreut SAUNDERS

186 Private John SAYERS

276 Private Benjamin SCARD

621 Private Alfred William SCHAECHE

1043 Private Thomas SCHRAMM

466 Private John Peter SCHUSSLER

97 Corporal Edwin Irvine Charles SCOTT

1057 Private Thomas SCOTT

1244 Private Thomas John SCOTT

95 Private George Hugh Merbyn SEABORN

1023 Private Edgar Gerald SECCOMBE

444 Private Harold Isaac SELBY

278 Private Hubert Canston SETON

1044 Private John SEYMOUR

625 Private Andrew SHALVEY

1389 Staff Sergeant (ORC) Edward McManus SHARPE

454 Private Michael SHEEDY

1075 Private Hector Harold SHELLEY

1047 Private Walter Mansfield SHELLEY

1059 Private David A SHEPHERD

94 Private Norman Hugh SHEPHERD

1343 Sergeant George Towry SHERIFF

1319 Corporal William John SHIELDS

848 Private John William SIDNEY

91 Sergeant Charles Nelson SIMES

180 Private Charles SIMPKINS

1364 Private Edward SIMPSON

623 Private Arthur Percy Cresswell SINGLE

133 Trooper Benjamin Charles SINGLETON

401 Private John Cornelius SKEHAN

406 Private Park George SKEHAN

771 Private James SLADE

770 Private David George SMALL

274 Private William John SMALLWOOD

629 Private Alexander SMITH

96 Private Arthur Herbert SMITH

1407 Private Edward SMITH

630 Private George Franklin SMITH

Private James SMITH

612 Private Pierce Eaglesfield SMITH

966 Private Samuel Joseph SMITH

1304 Private Sydney SMITH

1127 Private William SMITH

1143 Private William SMITH

420 Private William Alexander SMITH

109 Private Peter SMYTH

Captain Ernest William Reading SOANE

460 Private Thomas SOUTER

1058 Private William SPENCE

834 Private Herbert Charles SQUIRE

1375 Private Osborn Abram SQUIRE

453 Private Jonathan STABLES

618 Private Albert Edward STACEY

806 Private John James STANTON

1359 Private Edwin STAPLETON

182 Corporal William Henry STARLING

1574 Trooper H STEIN

279 Private Arthur STEPHENS

90 Private Alfred George Vivian STEVENS

1434 Private Edward Henry STEWART

1251 Private John STEWART

309 Private Malcolm STEWART

622 Private Arthur Tarlton STILES

831 Private William James STUBBS

184 Private Frederick William STURGESS

185 Private George Herbert STURGISS

183 Private John SULLIVAN

898 Private John Timothy SULLIVAN

1414 Private Patrick James SULLIVAN

1005 Lance Corporal William John SULLIVAN

611 Private Joseph Henry SUTTON

1142 Private Michael J SWEENEY

849 Private Harold Scott TARGETT

782 Private David Henry TASKER

1369 Private David Henry TAYLOR

780 Shoeing Smith Herbert Wallace TAYLOR

99 Private John TAYLOR

883 Sergeant Henry Leslie TEBBUTT

416 Private James THICK

Lieutenant Edward Haslan THOMAS

837 Corporal Herbert William THOMAS

1339 Private Albert Charles THOMPSON

838 Private Frederick Louis THOMPSON

100 Private Thomas Mackenzie THOMSON

783 Private Michael TIERNEY

637 Private Cecil Harry TODD

1403 Private Alfred Howard TOES

885 Private Henry George TRAINOR

457 Lance Corporal Augustus Loftus TRAVERS

430 Corporal William Symons TRELOAR

631 Private William Patrick TRIM

810 Private George Marshal TRULOCK

1417 Private William Hunter TUDOR

279 Private Francis John TUFT

1160 Lance Corporal Robert TUTTY

1433 Private George William TYLER

638 Private Daniel USHER

343 Private Robert USHER

281 Lance Corporal Robert VIVERS

107 Private John Henry WAINWRIGHT

Captain Thomas Walter King WALDRON

1144 Lance Sergeant James David WALKER

1404 Sergeant John Felix WALL

1182 Private Albert Norman WALLACE

108 Private Alexander Campbell WALLACE

106 Lance Sergeant Arthur Selwyn WALLACE

1387 Private Hugh Benedict WALLS

375 Trooper Arthur WARBRICK

422 Private Alfred Edmund Thomas WARD

102 Private Francis Hillier WARD

196 Private Horton WARD

786 Private Peter George WARD

404 Private RA WARD

426 Sergeant (ORC) Stanley Cullen WARD

312 Corporal John Frederick WARNER

383 Private Lewis Alfred WARWICK

1296 Private Henry WATSON

1226 Private Thomas Gammol WATSON

807 Private Walter WATSON

286 Private Hubert Martel WATT

1318 Private Joseph WATT

449 Private Peter WATT

110 Private Leslie Llewellyn WATTS

1340 Sergeant William Stewart WEARNE

120 Trumpeter G WEBB

112 Private George Frederick WEBB

650 Private William James WEBBER

Second Lieutenant Fitzwilliam WENTWORTH

788 Private Thomas WEST

1384 Private George Robert WESTBURY

1438 Private Eustace WHIDDON

285 Private Felix Edgar WHINFIELD

645 Company Quartermaster Sergeant John Richard Seymour WHINFIELD

101 Private Barrington WHITAKER

1307 Private George WHITE

789 Private John Tremaine WHITE

Second Lieutenant Robert James Little WHITE

190 Private Albert Henry Oscar WILLIAMS

1362 Private Edward WILLIAMS

1410 Private Edward Samuel WILLIAMS

1029 Private Frederick Blackham WILLIAMS

984 Lance Corporal Jonathan WILLIAMS

320 Corporal Patrick Peter WILLIS

118 Private John WILLS

282 Private Alfred Rosewell John WILMOT

327 Private Brisbane Challis WILSHIRE

1019 Private George Hay WILSON

648 Private Henry WILSON

889 Private Ira WILSON

1134 Sergeant Thomas WILSON

1394 Private Henry Charles WINTERS

103 Private Edward WITT

1008 Private George Edward WOODS

191 Private George James WOODS

962 Private Ernest WOTHERSPOON

Captain Kenneth Mackenzie WRAY

195 Private William WRIGHT

104 Private Walter Watkin WYNN

419 Private John Percival YATES

353 Private Robert YOUNG

287 Private Rupert YOUNG

850 Private William Broughton H YOUNGER


Further Reading:

Boer War - NSW 

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Roll of Honour

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Nominal Roll

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Saturday, 20 December 2003
Boer War, 1899 - 1902, Australian Forces, New South Wales Imperial Bushmen
Topic: BW - NSW - NSWIB

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Australian Forces

Roll of Honour

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

Poppies on the Roll of Honour, Australian War Memorial, Canberra


The Roll of Honour contains the names of all the men known to have served at one time with the New South Wales Imperial Bushmen and gave their lives in service of Australia, whether as part of the New South Wales Imperial Bushmen or another unit during the Boer War.


Roll of Honour


Alexander McFarlane ABERLINE



Henry Augustus BENNETT




Thomas Wentworth CRESSY




James Joseph FAHEY


Frederick James GARDINER


Hugh Hunter HANDCOCK

Henry Cullum HARDY

James Archibald HYNDMAN


Robert KELLY

Alexander KING


William Arthur LASSETTER




George Arthur MONTGOMERY

Llewellyn MORGAN

Edward James MORRIS

Denis Joseph MURRAY

John Rowan MURRAY


Patrick O'GRADY


Robert James Little WHITE


Lest we forget


Further Reading:

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Roll of Honour

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Friday, 19 December 2003
The movement of the Imperial Bushmen to Bulawayo, 1900
Topic: BW - NSW - NSWIB

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

The movement of the Imperial Bushmen to Bulawayo, 1900


Bulawayo on the morning of Mafeking Day

[From: Sydney Mail, 21 July 1900, p. 146. ]


Bulawayo must have been an exciting town to live in at the turn of last century. The first picture is of Bulawayo township taken from the highest point in the city. The photograph gives a good summary of the condition and layout of the town in Rhodesia, 23 May 1900.

One obvious point that is readily visible is that Bulawayo on the morning of Mafeking Day displayed lots of bunting but there is not a soul in sight.

When the Canadian artillery passed through the town, it was such a spectacle that the whole town turned out to see the procession.


Canadian Artillery passing through Bulawayo.

[From: Sydney Mail, 21 July 1900, p. 146. ]


Judging by the hight turnout of citizens, all white, the coming of the Canadians must have been very reassuring for the local population.

Following on just behind the Canadians were the Australians riding on the mule wagons. In this next picture, members of the Imperial Bushmen were hitching rides on the mule carts. Because of transport shortages, the men were literally loaded to the gunwales.


Imperial Bushmen travelling to Bulawayo on mule carts.

[From: Sydney Mail, 21 July 1900, p. 147. ]


Due to problems with horses, the use of mule carts was seen to be the easiest way to move large numbers of Imperial Bushmen quickly across Rhodesia.

Another group of Imperial Bushmen did everything to confound the Boer. Here is a troop of Bushmen riding prone on a low sided, sand bagged wagon guarding the procession from any potential of attack by the crafty Boer.


Imperial Bushmen as train guards.

[From: Sydney Mail, 21 July 1900, p. 146. ]


By all accounts, this was a most uncomfortable way to travel. The train made it quick but the accommodation was less than comfortable. It was difficult to maintain the prone position for very long, especially with a rifle in hand. One person left a description of this type of travel:

While it was possible to make oneself fairly comfortable in a Wolseley bed when in camp, you can never get comfortable on the hard floor of a truck; you have no protection against the "upward bumps."

Quoted from The Story of the Bushmen by James Green, William Brooks & Co, Sydney, 1903, at p. 24.


Further Reading:

Boer War - NSW 

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Roll of Honour

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: The movement of the Imperial Bushmen to Bulawayo, 1900

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Mafeking Day Victory Parade, Bulawayo, 23 May 1900
Topic: BW - NSW - NSWIB


New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

Mafeking Day Victory Parade, Bulawayo, 23 May 1900

Canadian Contingent leading the parade to celebrate Mafeking Day at Bulawayo, 23 May 1900.

[Sydney Mail, 21 July 1900, p. 147.]


While the Imperial Bushmen were making their way through Rhodesia, the siege at Mafeking ended with a British victory. 

A good contemporary account of this occasion is in the book of:

H. W. Wilson, "With the Flag to Pretoria: A History of the Boer War, 1899-1900", London, 1901. CHAPTER XXV, The Relief of Mafeking.

By the time the first units from the Imperial Bushmen arrived at Bulawayo, the second largest city in Rhodesia, the good folk were ready to let their hair go and celebrate the victory. Part of the victory celebrations was the participation in a Victory Parade by those members of the Imperial Bushmen's Contingent at Bulawayo. So on 23 May 1900, the Imperial Bushmen marched alongside their Canadian allies. Below is a photograph of the march past led by the Canadian contingent.

In the background of the photograph, the Imperial Bushmen can be seen marching along in their various troop formations. The Canadians in the lead seem to cut fine figures in their highly decorative uniforms. These highly visible dress coats had to be discarded very quickly when facing the Boers on the Veldt as they became instant targets for accurate Boer sniping.

Apart from a good day by all, that Blue Brand Aerated Water Factory sure beats having a Coke.

One way to finish this item off is to cite the highly forgetable poem penned by William Topaz McGonagall, poet and tragedian of Dundee, who still is widely hailed as the writer of the worst poetry in the English language...

The Relief of Mafeking

Success to Colonel Baden-Powell and his praises loudly sing,
For being so brave in relieving Mafeking,
With his gallant little band of eight hundred men,
They made the Boers fly from Mafeking like sheep escaping from a pen.

'Twas in the year of 1900 and on the 18th of May,
That Colonel Baden-Powell beat the Boers without dismay,
And made them fly from Mafeking without delay,
Which will be handed down to posterity for many a day.

Colonel Baden-Powell is a very brave man,
And to deny it, I venture to say, few men can;
He is a noble hero be it said,
For at the siege of Mafeking he never was afraid.

And during the siege Colonel Baden was cheerful and gay,
While the starving population were living on brawn each day;
And alas! the sufferings of the women and children were great,
But they all submitted patiently to their fate.

For seven months besieged they fought the Boers without dismay,
Until at last the Boers were glad to run away;
Because Baden-Powell's gallant band put them to flight
By cannon shot and volleys of musketry to the left and right.

Then long live Baden-Powell and his brave little band,
For during the siege of Mafeking they made a bold stand
Against yelling thousands of Boers who were thirsting for their blood,
But as firm as a rock against them they fearlessly stood.

Oh! think of them living on brawn extracted from horse hides,
While the inhuman Boers their sufferings deride,
Knowing that the women's hearts with grief were torn
As they looked on their children's faces that looked sad and forlorn.

For 217 days the Boers tried to obtain Mafeking's surrender,
But their strategy was futile owing to its noble defender,
Colonel Baden-Powell, that hero of renown,
Who, by his masterly generalship, saved the town.

Methinks I see him and his gallant band,
Looking terror to the foe: Oh! The sight was really grand,
As he cried, "Give it them, lads; let's do or die;
And from Mafeking we'll soon make them fly,
And we'll make them rue their rash undertaking
The day they laid siege to the town of Mafeking."

Long life and prosperity to Colonel Baden-Powell,
For there's very few generals can him excel;
And he is now the Hero of Mafeking, be it told,
And his name should be engraved on medals of gold.

I wish him and his gallant little band every success,
For relieving the people of Mafeking while in distress;
They made the Boers rue their rash undertaking
The day they laid siege to the town of Mafeking.

For during the defence of Mafeking
From grief he kept the people's hearts from breaking,
Because he sang to them and did recite
Passages from Shakespeare which did their hearts delight.


At least McGonagall's heart was in the right place. McGonagall's name was made with his publication of the famous "Tay Bridge Disaster" poem. If for no other reason than its forced doggerel, this poem about Mafeking lives on in the collections of English literature.


Further Reading:

Boer War - NSW 

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen

New South Wales Imperial Bushmen, Roll of Honour

Boer War, 1899 - 1902

Battles where Australians fought, 1899-1920


Citation: Mafeking Day Victory Parade, Bulawayo, 23 May 1900

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